September 19, 2013

Now there are very few TV series or even movies that attract my attention. So when I caught wind of this (three-part, six-hour) documentary and read about the making of it, my interest was piqued.

I had mixed feelings watching it. I felt anger, pride and a sense of being acknowledged and belonging. My anger was towards the U.S. educators who (generations ago) thought it best to leave virtually everything out of our classroom "social studies" text books ... I felt anger towards the film industry at large for the systematic stripping of our peoples and history, the full North American history.

But I'm was pleased that finally, a bit of our North American past, has been put together for everyone to see and learn. I learned. And I thank the producers "LATINO AMERICANS" for that.

 So, I plan to pass this knowledge on to younger generations. I bought the whole set.

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