March 14, 2011

Old Piers at Hudson River
Originally uploaded by Sonia Raquel
Believe it or not, I took this photo about a year ago in Jan 2010 – at Riverside Park, NYC.

That old industrial-looking house-like structure was where I use to go with some of my 6th grade classmates in the Spring and part of the Summer. We would walk on the old dilapidated wooden pier and dare each other to climb up the rusted steel beams. Once we'd reach the top we'd look out to the GW Bridge and breathe. It was pretty liberating to be up so high and over the water. Just because you lived in the city, it didn't mean you always had access to the rooftop and large, "natural" open spaces – at least not at age 12 or as a girl. Well, those were the days.

The truth is my classmates always dared each to throw rocks at the few (gay) men down below which seemed to ALWAYs be there sunbathing.  No... I never threw the rocks but I didn't stop them either.  I never really understood the appeal to hurting other people.

Most everything's changed in the Upper West Side – even it's name. I remember when it use to be called "midtown". I'm glad this little House on the Hudson prairie was given its historical status.

BTW... I sold another painting this past weekend.  I'll be showing my artwork again this Saturday, March 19th and March 26th at the Queens Museum of Art.  Come through if you wish, you won't regret the trip:


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  1. Love the picture. It's awesome! Yes, I am so ready for spring! Check out my site if you like.


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