March 17, 2011

As a kid, I noticed that latin people ("hispanics") were always having a party... 'specially in the summertime. It was interesting to see a party for this reason – or a party for that person... But it was especially funny to see a baby's birthday party but with the baby fast asleep in their crib – while the adults had a blast.

Maybe I'm busier or maybe it's the economy... but it seems like the house parties have almost stopped altogether. House parties and museums, there's no connection what-so-ever, but the common denominator is 'CELEBRATING is FUN' and much needed!

The Legros Cultural Arts ("LCA") group will be hosting this year's event at the Queens Museum of Art and several other venues around NYC. Women's History Month is really is an excuse to show the impact we're having in this culture. I hope you come through and enjoy the works of art we are all going to display. I will be posting my artwork, shown at the Museum after the last event.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park
March 19 and 26, 2011
Museum's Suggested Donation: $20

Here's what to expect for the rest of this month, hosted by the LCA:
– Women in Dance (Mar 26),
– Women in Music (Mar 19),
– Visual Art Exhibition (Mar 19 & 26) – The Queens Museum of Art,
– Women in Film, (Mar 19) and...
– Women in Theatre (Mar 18 & 26)

Hope to see you there – especially Banksy!
Sonia Raquel M.H.


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