June 27, 2010

My visit to the Bowery Poetry Club to see "Warriors of Words", this past Friday, was life-changing. Every time I go to see my fellow poets, I'm forever touched. Two things motivated me to go to this event. I wanted my dear friend from California, Diana H.B. who was in town, to experience what I've been up to (although, I did not perform that night) -- and I really wanted to see one of my all time favorite poets, Lemon Andersen. (Lemon, you really inspire me to do right by the words I write and perform.)

Not that I didn't think they would but it didn't even occur to me that I would be so touched by the rest of the talented artists. For the first time, I got to see Papo "Swiggity" Santiago perform and he did NOT disappoint... even though he left Manhattan out -- (watch the vid, you'll see.) Papo is co-founder and host of the CAPICU Showcase which promotes the verbal and visual arts. They have a monthly show and that's where I started performing. He and the crowd are so incredibly supportive. I can't say enough. But Swiggity was funny and entertaining and I loved it. Jani "Bomba" Rose took me back, way back, to a time in my childhood we all shared. Why did I think I was the only one who enjoyed the latin foods, latin music and my spanish nursery rhythms? Turns out, I'm not the only one. I'm so proud of being half dominican, half puerto rican -- born in Brooklyn, raised in Manhattan, exposed to all cultures, secluded for the streets, completely american and impossible to peg -- it's just right.

Roberto "Plena" Irizarry took me back to when I would sit around listening to my family (the dominican side) and neighbors talk about how they felt here in the U.S. Coming here is never what they thought it would be. It's sad. It's funny. It's political. It's humbling. It's truth. But I was born here and sometimes I feel the same way they do. 

This poem which was written in spanish by Roberto, is called "Sermon de Bodega" listen...


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  1. It was a wonderful night. Thank you for the support and coming thru to see us.



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