June 5, 2010

SOLD! Yes, my very first sale. It feels right.

I'm beyond words in the response I've gotten over this particular painting. I'm not one for "hearts" in any way. I don't like heart charms, drinking glasses with hearts, napkins with hearts – get the pic? Don't get me wrong I don't hate hearts and I ♥ love... but one day at around age 10, I handmade a Father's Day card for my dad who had left when I was 6. It was made of construction paper and on the inside I made a pocket in the shape of a heart. In it was about 50-100 cutout hearts in all sizes and color, with little comments on them – thoughts he should know.

I kept it for YEARs waiting for him to come back and visit us. He showed up for one day when I was 14. I was so nervous I forgot about the card. He promised he'd visit the following week but we didn't hear from him again until two days after my younger sister turned 19. But by then I had decided it was time to throw out the card (I was around 16 when I did). It took this painting for me to realize why I wasn't into heart-figures.

So, why did I come up with this design? The arts group, I belong to, asked us to come up with any type of art based on a few themes. I picked the most challenging (to me)... "The Design of Man and Woman". This red background came easy to me. But went "blank" for the foreground. How was I going to depict "man and woman" in an abstract expressionist style? I went and asked the Creator and asked HIM to give me an idea. I kid you not when I tell you that this was the image that came to mind – as soon as I asked. I had been racking my brains for DAYS and had come up with nothing. As it turns out, I painted the actual (hebrew or greek) definition of man and woman.

This particular painting is 20x20 and the smaller ones, in the series, are 10x10. The red/orange/yellow background represent the Glory of G-d blended with the blood of Jesus. The left side of the heart represents man and the right side represents woman. The two straight stems at the base of the heart represent stability. Those tentacles on each side are roots. You see how imperfect the heart looks? It drove me nuts BUT it's accurate. We're not perfect (period). But we can be pure in our relationships and our covenant with each other – I say, with G-d all around us, helping... 'cause it's not easy to be in a relationship but it's worth it.

This and the other paintings of this series will be shown in the extrACTION exhibit in Tribeca -- running from June 17th - Jun 19th–2010. Open invitation to all.

pa'lante my peoples!!!
Sonia Raquel



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