June 10, 2010

Look closely...
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Spontaneity can go right or it can go wrong, even in NYC. Going to Tribeca's Bar Artisanal, last evening, for a (no longer existing) fondue with my friend Kate K. – was absolute the best decision we have both made in our separate lives!

As I was told, this use to be a french style restaurant in its most recent history but was turned into a Spanish style "restaurante" with a beautiful hint of mediterranean flavors in its menu – baring plenty of tapas to choose from.

The staff and their chef (Terrance Brennan) were amazing to talk to. They were effortlessly down to earth and approachable. The wine, tapas, dessert and the sherry were outstanding. I am one that is, usually, easy-going and one that is always ready to taste new flavors, just because of great company and ambience. But I also know what is so-so and what is freakin' amazing. This was freakin' amazing and a much-needed treaty for me. We decided to do entrees on another night after gorging on a festival of appetizers.

The music was perfect for the venue. They played, in the distant background, current and classic spanish music of all genres. I was occasionally (and pleasantly) distracted by the guitar which would gently peak through the symphonic hum of the people's voices in conversation.

Need I say more? I'm a foody at heart.

This spot is American and Latin and for the Girl (and guy) next door...



  1. did u eat there tonight, Wednesday?

  2. Good friend, good food, beautiful experience! I'm sure they would welcome this revue...

  3. @Anonymous... yes, I was there Wednesday evening.


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