November 20, 2009

Welcome to the intimate landscapes of my mind…
where no one can enter
—BUT— I’ll let you in ...for a brief second

totally versatile way of thinking...
able to express...
with the ability to fit in…
THIS is what a Latin woman is

Music is the fabric of my being
which is intricately woven into my spirit
delicately decorating my soul

Listen to my writings, as my poetry flows
through the musical notes
from the land within my dome

I hope you can hear them,
(but you probably won’t)
yo se que lo veras,
(si pones atención)

Here's what I'm sayin'...

Flowers and Latin women are alike
we both transcend
color, cultures and time

Come and stay with me
through this maze of my emotions
and I’ll give you a glimpse of what Latin is


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