April 18, 2009

Shabbat Shalom1

There’s absolutely nothing like
being in the presence of the Lord

Image yourself imprisoned in a desert
no water to drink, no food to eat

How overwhelming would it be to find
what you so desperately need?

What about the feel of a cool, calm river
on a scorching summer day?

This is how it feels to be in the courts de mi Rey

As peaceful as the summer wind,
as serene as the breeze of the sea…
that is how you’ll find Hashem, the King of kings

He dwells in the midst of music
He reigns in my peaceful silence,

When I am most alone, He is there…
just ready to give me triumph!

And so, I bow down to Him in TOTAL Praise,
there is no one like Him —
Adonai-Tzvaot is His name

Peace is a virtue, which
you have passed on to me…
so I thank you… I want to thank you


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