September 19, 2013

Now there are very few TV series or even movies that attract my attention. So when I caught wind of this (three-part, six-hour) documentary and read about the making of it, my interest was piqued.

I had mixed feelings watching it. I felt anger, pride and a sense of being acknowledged and belonging. My anger was towards the U.S. educators who (generations ago) thought it best to leave virtually everything out of our classroom "social studies" text books ... I felt anger towards the film industry at large for the systematic stripping of our peoples and history, the full North American history.

But I'm was pleased that finally, a bit of our North American past, has been put together for everyone to see and learn. I learned. And I thank the producers "LATINO AMERICANS" for that.

 So, I plan to pass this knowledge on to younger generations. I bought the whole set.

Promo clip:


March 21, 2011

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One of my younger brother's frat brothers, Urban Jibaro, asked me yesterday if I was a "Shark Tank" fan. I responded with a "What?! I'm a hardcore – no juege!"

This show appeals to the entrepreneur in me, the artist in me, the dreamer in me, the "why-didn't-I-think-of-that!" in me, the "what-were-they-thinking?" in me... and I love it!

Right out the gate they were brutal, sharp, funny, raw, smart and 'somewhat' compassionate. Listen, I can't say enough about it. The first season was inspiring, BUT this premiere showed promise of it being even better than the first.

It makes you want to go and learn about startups or grab a venture capitalist and not let them go 'til you're done with all your questions! This show makes you root for the entrepreneurs as they're fighting for every bit of their holdings... or for the Shark(s) when they're at each other throats. My living room turns into a shouting match with our TV, and it's just two of us – against the screen. I know I just sounded a bit geeky, but this country is made of generations of people relentlessly trying to create the next best thing, or simply, a business for themselves, no? Pues, si!

It was exciting to see Shark Tank trend on Twitter ...but it was even more excited to see (on Twitter) that Chef Big Shake's website temporarily crashed because of so many visits from the viewers.  It told me that it didn't matter that he was rejected by the Sharks (millionaire investors: Mark Cuban, Jeff Foxworthy, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O'Leary).  The people know a great product when they see it.  Did you see how pissed Daymond John got at that high-strung dude?  Ay-ya-yai!

There are very few shows out there that can capture my attention. I just don't have the time nor the patience to watch shows that aren't worth my while. But this one's a keeper... see their 'Special Preview' for yourself.

Next episode's this Friday, March 25th at 8pm, EST on ABC. Who can guess which is my favorite Shark?

Sonia Raquel

March 17, 2011

As a kid, I noticed that latin people ("hispanics") were always having a party... 'specially in the summertime. It was interesting to see a party for this reason – or a party for that person... But it was especially funny to see a baby's birthday party but with the baby fast asleep in their crib – while the adults had a blast.

Maybe I'm busier or maybe it's the economy... but it seems like the house parties have almost stopped altogether. House parties and museums, there's no connection what-so-ever, but the common denominator is 'CELEBRATING is FUN' and much needed!

The Legros Cultural Arts ("LCA") group will be hosting this year's event at the Queens Museum of Art and several other venues around NYC. Women's History Month is really is an excuse to show the impact we're having in this culture. I hope you come through and enjoy the works of art we are all going to display. I will be posting my artwork, shown at the Museum after the last event.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park
March 19 and 26, 2011
Museum's Suggested Donation: $20

Here's what to expect for the rest of this month, hosted by the LCA:
– Women in Dance (Mar 26),
– Women in Music (Mar 19),
– Visual Art Exhibition (Mar 19 & 26) – The Queens Museum of Art,
– Women in Film, (Mar 19) and...
– Women in Theatre (Mar 18 & 26)

Hope to see you there – especially Banksy!
Sonia Raquel M.H.

March 14, 2011

Old Piers at Hudson River
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Believe it or not, I took this photo about a year ago in Jan 2010 – at Riverside Park, NYC.

That old industrial-looking house-like structure was where I use to go with some of my 6th grade classmates in the Spring and part of the Summer. We would walk on the old dilapidated wooden pier and dare each other to climb up the rusted steel beams. Once we'd reach the top we'd look out to the GW Bridge and breathe. It was pretty liberating to be up so high and over the water. Just because you lived in the city, it didn't mean you always had access to the rooftop and large, "natural" open spaces – at least not at age 12 or as a girl. Well, those were the days.

The truth is my classmates always dared each to throw rocks at the few (gay) men down below which seemed to ALWAYs be there sunbathing.  No... I never threw the rocks but I didn't stop them either.  I never really understood the appeal to hurting other people.

Most everything's changed in the Upper West Side – even it's name. I remember when it use to be called "midtown". I'm glad this little House on the Hudson prairie was given its historical status.

BTW... I sold another painting this past weekend.  I'll be showing my artwork again this Saturday, March 19th and March 26th at the Queens Museum of Art.  Come through if you wish, you won't regret the trip:


December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It has been 6 months since I've blogged about my life in my native city and great country (yep, I'm patriotic -- to this country and some others). I've accomplished a lot but not nearly enough. At the same time, I'm excited about what's to come in 2011. If you know me, you know I'm respectful of all opinions, as I listen, but I might have to respectfully say something about it. hehehe... With this, I know that this world is full of all types of beliefs and submissions to entities higher than themselves. But once in a while, I will talk about Who I believe in and rely on for things that are out of my reach or out of my realm of possibilities. But I'll never get "preachy" or "religious". Those things are boring to me. The Almighty, however, impresses me all the time. "For I can do all things (accomplishments) through HIM who strengthens me."

Like I said, the last six months have been full of accomplishments, most of which are setting me up for a great 2011 and future. Many of you might already know about them since you're in my FB network. But for those who are not, here's the brief rundown.

Jul 2010: 
Started Bikram Yoga 30-day Challenge.
Aug: 2010:  
Conquered 30-day Challenge!  (I lost 4lbs and 4 inches).
Sep 2010:  
Facilitated an 8-week class with my hubby on "Love & War" series by S&J Eldredge.
Oct 2010:  
NYU homework galore!  Finished facilitating "Love & War" series.
Nov 2010:  
Socialized to the umph degree. Made some power moves. More to come on that.
Dec 2010:  
Finished all my classes at NYU!  Got my certification in Digital & Graphic Design.

Ms. DAISY MARTINEZ (wepa baby!!!)

Who's seen Daisy Martinez on PBS doing her "thang"?  I have.

I was excited to recently see Daisy on the CBN channel.  Kudos to her on that appearance.  She baked a chocolate-cherry bread pudding.  After seeing that dessert, I just knew I had to buy her new book "Daisy's Holiday Cooking".  Mind you, I don't ever cook using recipes... I always wing it.  But, as a result, I can't bake since a person can't wing it when baking.  It's a pleasure to find a fellow boriqua that cooks latin dishes fusioned with American influences while keeping the our culture and its flavors intact.  Main streaming it!

Here's Daisy creating Coquito (the Puerto Rican equivalent of the eggnog with a variety of tropical ingredients, mainly coconut milk).  Coquito tastes so good, it actually tastes better than eggnog.  But don't just take my word for it, try it.  

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